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FORSYTH COUNTY NEWS, Sunday, July 22, 2007, Page 11A


Lemuel Cliff Creamer

Calvin A. Thompson

Donald C. Creamer

John Henry Wade III

 Soldiers' marching orders: Come home, and bring it with you
by Phill Bettis, Columnist

Rarely do we get to touch something very, very special.  Those moments make me feel uneasy, as if I am unworthy to hold something so sacred.  I recently experienced one of those moments as I held a nearly 90-year-old New Testament that was like no other.

Inside the well worn cover were inscriptions by Theodore Roosevelt and General John J. Pershing.  In 1918, the New York Bible Society presented this New Testament to Lemuel Cliff Creamer at Camp Merritt, New Jersey.  Mr. Creamer and his New Testament would soon see the horrors of World War I in France and Germany.

Lemuel Cliff Creamer would however return home to begin a family and to create a legacy involving that little New Testament.

When Adolf Hitler threatened the civilized world during the next generation's war, Lemuel Cliff Creamer presented the New Testament to his son-in-law, Calvin A. Thompson who left for Europe just as the Allies invaded in 1944.  Creamer had a simple requirement for his son-in-law:  bring yourself and this New Testament back.

After service again in Germany and then Austria, the little New Testament made its way back home with Thompson.

In 1966, the well traveled New Testament was brought out again.  Pvt. Donald C. Creamer, Lemuel Cliff Creamer's own son, left for Vietnam for a two-year tour of duty.  The tradition continued as Pvt.  Creamer was asked to bring himself and the same New Testament back again by his brother-in-law, Calvin A. Thompson.  Donald C. Creamer honored his brother-in-law's request and his late father's legacy.

We are frequently reminded on our nightly news that freedom comes at a great price.  Virtually every generation since the founding of our nation has fought for that freedom.  John Henry Wade III recently participated in Marine graduation at Parris Island in Beaufort, S.C.

Despite the known conflict with terrorism around the globe, John had decided at age 17, during his senior year at South Forsyth High School, to serve his country.  It was no doubt his destiny to follow in the footsteps of his great grandfather, Lemuel Cliff Creamer, his grandfather, Calvin Thompson, and his great uncle Donald C. Creamer.

As with those before, John's grandmother, 81-year-old Laura Jane Creamer Thompson had only one gift for him.  It happened to be the 90-year old New Testament and her clear instructions for her grandson to bring himself and the little book back home safely.

John, who grew up wanting camouflaged birthday cakes and frequent trips to the army surplus store, was often found in the woods building forts or admiring his grandfather's medals and dog tags.  He was a sure bet to serve his country.  After his recent graduation at Parris Island, John told his parents, "We live in the greatest nation on earth.  I cannot even imagine anyone not wanting to serve our country.  I feel blessed to be able to serve for our freedom."

There are young lives that end on battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan on a daily basis.  Sometimes we see those faces, but do we really know the quality and heritage of these precious young people that give so freely?  They are the faces of those far from home and family with uncertainty all about.  They are greatly missed as children, spouses, parents and grandparents pray for their safe return.

John Henry Wade III is one of those faces.  I have been blessed to have been in his great-grandfather's house when I was a child, to have known his grandfather very well and to call his great-uncle on of my best friends.

I have watched John grow into a special young man, nurtured by devoted parents, Henry and Judy Wade, who could not be prouder of their Marine.

General Pershing's note in the front of that New Testament seems very appropriate.  "Let your valor as a soldier and your conduct as a man be an inspiration to your comrades and an honor to your country."

John Henry Wade III is now stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii awaiting his next assignment.  He and thousands of his comrades, some being your children and grandchildren, have fulfilled that ideal shared by Gen. Pershing.

I pray for their safe return and an end to the conflict that strains our nation.  I believe that PFC John Henry Wade III, United States Marine Corp, will personally deliver that little New Testament back home to his grandmother.  When he does, I hope that worn New Testament will have a long and well deserved rest. 

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