Now unto Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.  Ephesians 3:20








Message from Henry and Judy

Our hearts are full of gratitude for each and every one of you who have encouraged us throughout the years in the call of God upon our lives.  Words will never express our thanks.  Never would we have dreamed how God would take two vessels like ours, pour into them, and then allow Himself to be poured out onto so many who are thirsty and just need a dose of love and grace.  It is our joy to do that very thing! 
We stand in awe at those he has surrounded us with...people with such servants' hearts, willing to be the hands and heart of Jesus.  We know without a shadow of doubt, without each of you this would not be possible.  Thank you for your prayers, first of all.  We understand without that vital foundation of prayer, this is of no avail.  Please continue to pray for us, wisdom, discernment, and favor as we move forward in this endeavor.

To our family, thank you for praying for, loving, and encouraging us each step of the way to reach the destiny God has called us to.  You have always been there with the support we needed and we are blessed to call you family!

There are so many who have made such a difference in Heart 2 Heart getting wings and taking flight, so space will not allow us to name each and everyone, but know our Heavenly Father knows you by name and so do we.  Two couples we especially want to thank are Bradley and Christa Elzey and Doug and Gina Huff.  Your hospitality and generous hearts in allowing us to use your cabins have re-ignited our passion and renewed the vision God placed in our hearts twelve years ago.  Not only have we been renewed but you have allowed many others draw into Daddy God's presence in the serenity of your mountain homes, and bask in the beauty of His creation.  Countless lives have been changed for His glory.  No words can express our gratitude.  

Col. Oscar Poole, thank you for being such an encourager in our lives, and for taking time to ask that beautiful fall day in your  BBQ restaurant (of all places), tell me your dream...and as the mountain retreat home where we can do ministry was spoken out loud...our dream-ometer was turned up, and we have moved forward ever since that day!

Ginger, Janie, Patt, Karen, Elizabeth, Susan and Paul -What can we say but thank you for helping us in so many ways...servant's hearts, filling in all our gaps, making sure we have got it together...well, almost got it together...keep working on us, and never give up...He is still perfecting us!

Tonnie, what a blessing you and Major have been in our lives.  Your prayers, encouragement,  and support will forever be appreciated.  You are the epitome of God's grace, and you have been cheerleaders for not only us, but for so many!  You have been the voice of encouragement crying out to those in the wilderness, and as Major entered heaven, we know our Heavenly Father welcomed him saying..."Well done, good and faithful servant. "May you be blessed in everyway...each and everyday!

Chris and Tammy, thank you for using your gifts for God's glory!  Chris, we love the logo you created, especially the cross symbolizing the foundation upon which this ministry rests.  

Our vision is to have a retreat home, a place of refuge, peace and beauty, where you may come, share heart to heart, and be renewed in your spiritual walk.  We know that God will bring "the whosoevers" to partner with us to make this a reality.  We also know He will open the doors that He chooses for us to walk through, to bring a dose of hope to a lost and hurting world. 
We are reminded of the story of the little boy walking on the beach one morning after the tide had brought in many, many  starfish.  The little boy picked them up one at a time and began to toss them into the ocean.  The father said, "Son, you can't save all these starfish."  "No, I can't," the little boy replied as he picked up another one to toss into the ocean.  "But I can make a difference for this one." 
By the grace of God, we can each make a person at a time, and when a person is changed for the glory of God, a family is affected, and then a generation! 
If you feel that you are to be a part of this ministry in some capacity, feel free to contact us at  We look forward to your partnership, whether in prayer, service, or financial donation.
We also want to take this opportunity to thank Sandy Schubert for her dedication in making this website possible.  Life is a hoot - especially when you are working with the computer challenged! God bless your every effort, Sandy!  You did great, exhibiting an abundance of fruit, especially  patience and kindness.  Thanks to each individual who contributed in some way.  You have blessed us beyond measure!  We are humbled to be able to serve and look forward with expectancy to all Daddy God has in store for Heart 2 Heart Ministries.
Dedicated to His Service,
Henry and Judy
Eph. 3:20


Rev. Henry & Judy Wade
P. O. Box 957
Cumming, GA  30028
Cell:  678-758-5898

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